About us

Confiscation Tracker is a project of the Institute of Legislative Ideas to monitor the process of confiscation (seizure, forfeiture) of aggressor state's assets around the world. The goal is to show the progress in different countries and understand how efficiently and promptly the confiscation of assets is being carried out; to find out which countries pioneer and which lag behind; and to be informed about the amount of funds that can be transferred to Ukraine for post-war reconstruction.

Seizure and Confiscation of Russian Assets

The initiative to launch the Confiscation Tracker is part of the Project "Seizure and Confiscation of Russian Assets". The absence of a single platform that would contain all the relevant information on the progress of confiscation of Russian assets in different countries of the world hampers portraying the global picture of the process. 


The Institute of Legislative Ideas takes part in the development of the confiscation mechanisms. Complex legal analysis of the best international practices concerning property rights restriction allows us to scrutinize domestic instruments and develop recomendations on confiscation models to partner countries.


We are involved in both the global and Ukrainian processes of implementing confiscation mechanisms, as we are members of various working groups and Task Forces. We provide specific recommendations to the bodies authorized to confiscate Russian assets. In particular, the High Anti-Corruption Court uses our reports to fortify its decisions on confiscation of assets of war collaborators; and the EU Task Force takes into account our proposals for the introduction of confiscation mechanisms in EU countries.